In order to maintain its industry-leading status, a major mortgage lender engaged HawkPartners to conduct a comprehensive, multi-channel strategic communications audit to improve the effectiveness of its customer communications.

HawkPartners started by interviewing internal stakeholders to uncover hypotheses regarding unmet customer needs and areas for growth.  We then completed a robust assessment of the company’s core communications, including digital advertising, emails, blogs, social media, conferences, policy guides and editorial content. Communications materials were evaluated through the lens of a custom scorecard with attention to tone, targeting and alignment with the company’s value proposition.

We supplemented the assessment of marketing assets with an evaluation of over 15 “beacon” companies recognized for strong B2B communications. We gathered representative creative examples and identified applicable best practices.

After independently evaluating the company’s strategic communications, HawkPartners facilitated several interactive workshops with key members of the marketing divisions. The client team used the output of our work to inform a new approach to creative development, channel strategy, and messaging.

This is a photo of two professionals looking at reports sitting on a table. The image symbolizes the comprehensive, multi-channel marketing communications audit HawkPartners conducted for a mortgage lender.