Enhancing clients’ competitive
position in the courtroom

Preparing a case for trial today requires creative and carefully crafted communications strategies. In a world where people increasingly consume data in sound bites or tweets, developing concise messages that resonate clearly and credibly is vital.

Our team combines custom-designed research methods with extensive experience assisting top litigators with critical aspects of pre-trial, trial, and post-trial activity to develop the strategies and tactics necessary to present their case most persuasively.

What We Do

Our trial consulting services include:


  • Market Surveys in Support of Litigation
  • Venue Attitude Assessment
  • Theme Development
  • Graphics Consulting and Design
  • Witness and Evidence Preparation
  • Case Presentation and Communication Strategy
  • Juror Profiling Research
  • Mock Trial or Hearing


Trial and Post-trial

  • Jury Selection Assistance
  • Trial Monitoring
  • Post-trial Juror Interviews
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