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What is Brand Authenticity?

Brand Authenticity helps brands clearly communicate with consumers who they are, what they stand for, and how they live up to those values.

Authentic brands are transparent, honest, consistent, and trustworthy. Authenticity creates loyal consumers who relate to a brand as they relate to other humans – feeling affection, a common purpose, a sense of trust, and a two-way commitment.

Authentic brands enjoy deeper connections, competitive advantage, and more revenue. When that happens, the brand becomes a part of who we are.


What’s Inside

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Why Brand Authenticity Matters?

Consumers not only expect authenticity, but they also reward it. They are willing to go out of their way to support a brand they view as authentic.

They tell friends and family, post on social media, and advocate about the brand to anyone who will listen.

When consumers have a strong connection with a brand, it gains fierce loyalty measured in trust, perception, awareness, and revenue.


Why is Brand Authenticity Important?

Most Recent Data

8 out of 10 consumers say it is important for a brand to be authentic.

77% of consumers are willing to spend money to support an authentic brand over one that’s not.

85% of millennials and Gen Z say it is important that a brand is authentic, suggesting this trend is likely to reshape the brand-consumer relationship for generations.

57% say it is more important that a brand is authentic after the pandemic.

Outcomes for Authentic Brands

Brand authenticity can have a significant payoff:

  • Significant revenue growth
  • High customer loyalty
  • Strong ROI from communications
  • Creating brand ambassadors
  • Deep connections and trust
  • Distinct company culture
  • High employee retention

Brand Authenticity Index™

Explore Our Research in Brand Authenticity

Brand Authenticity Index™

Explore Our Research in Brand Authenticity

Highlights of our Research

HawkPartners’ Brand Authenticity Index™ is our roadmap to brand authenticity. It’s our guide to getting real. To create genuine connections with customers and to build loyalty that many brands only dream of.

Key takeaways from our research with 16,000 consumers who rated 250+ brands in 15 industries

2022 HawkPartners’ Brand Authenticity Index™

Focusing on the pillars that foster authentic brands can help you go deeper into consumers’ lives and create a connection that is unbreakable, which is critical as you navigate an unstable world.

2021 HawkPartners’ Brand Authenticity Index™

We contacted nearly 10,000 customers on why brand authenticity is important, what they look for in a brand, and what they’re willing to do for a brand they believe is authentic.

2020 HawkPartners’ Brand Authenticity Index™

We uncovered that 9 out of 10 consumers say that it is important for a brand to be authentic. Authenticity is not only a buzzword, but a true driver of how consumers are making purchase decisions. We collected data from 6,000 consumers directly to get an initial read on what they think makes brands authentic.

The Importance of Brand Authenticity in Pharma

With pharma companies being so visibly key to ending the global COVID pandemic, there has been a recent and substantial shift in the perceptions of pharma brands. The public now wants to understand pharma companies’ values and the principles for which they stand, and brands should be prepared to take advantage of this opportunity.

Which Brands Have Brand Authenticity?







Which Brands Have Brand Authenticity?







What Makes a Brand Authentic?

According to our research, brands are authentic when consumers perceive they have these qualities.

The following six pillars are necessary for a brand to be considered authentic:

Explicitly moral

Moral brands have a compass that guides their actions and defines who they are. Consumers place the highest value on this pillar because they can count on these brands to do the right thing.


Honest brands tell us the truth, no matter what. Honesty not only helps establish trust with brands but helps consumers set expectations for them.


Open, transparent, and forthcoming brands make information accessible to consumers at any time.

Align with my values

Brands that are rooted in values used those values to drive their day-to-day actions; they show consumers who they are by showing them what they believe in.


Consumers always know what to expect from a consistent brand because it delivers what it promises.

An expression of who I am

Consumers allow a brand to become a part of who they are, as the brand achieves badge value and they are willing to not only support the brand but evangelize for that brand.

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How to Measure Brand Authenticity?

Brand authenticity is an ongoing process. Measuring and improving your brand’s authenticity is one of the best ways to build a competitive advantage and increase revenue. From focusing on creating a corporate strategy, integrating into operational plans, building buy-in with employees and rollout out to consumers, it is important to regularly measure and evaluate insights.

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How Authentic Is Your Brand?

HawkPartners helps leading brands answer their most pressing business questions, and one of the most frequent questions we’re helping our clients answer is “How can my brand be create more authentic connections with consumers?”

We can work with marketing teams to conduct a brand authenticity assessment, measure your authenticity, and develop a brand authenticity roadmap across the customer journey to create authentic connections.

Connect with us for an in-depth look at how your brand stacks up – and how we can collaborate on actionable plans to increase your brand authenticity.

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