The Importance of Brand Authenticity in Pharma

By Lori Holmes

Pharma Brand Authenticity Index™

February 24 @ 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

With pharma companies being so visibly crucial to ending the global COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a recent and substantial shift in consumer perceptions of pharma brands. In the recent Pharma Brand Authenticity Index™, we found that 71% of respondents ​say it has become more important for pharma company brands to be authentic since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

On February 24 at 11 am ET, our very own Lori Holmes, talked with Alexandra Glas, Global Customer Experience Insights Lead at Pfizer, and Melissa Koufopoulos, Executive Director of Marketing at Merck & Co Inc. They shared their perspectives on the importance of authenticity in the pharma industry and discussed real-world implications for marketers and market researchers.

What are the authentic stories pharma should be telling? Why is Brand Authenticity in Pharma important? What are the four pillars that serve as a foundation of authenticity for pharma?

During our webinar, hosted by Intellus Worldwide, the panelists answered these questions and shared their perspectives on the importance of authenticity in pharma.

HawkPartners kicked off the discussion by sharing findings from their Pharma Brand Authenticity Index — a survey of nearly 2,000 pharmaceutical consumers that explored the factors most important to creating authenticity.

In our Webinar, we explored:  

  • Fundamental characteristics that consumers look for in viewing a pharma brand’s authenticity
  • Consumer sentiment surrounding the concept of authenticity across the pharma industry   
  • How brand authenticity impacts brands at both the company and product levels


Headshot of Alex Glas from Pfizer

Alexandra Glas
Global Customer Experience Insights Lead


Alexandra is currently responsible for delivering customer experience insights and strategies to drive growth across markets at Pfizer. She brings 10+ years of track record in the pharmaceutical industry, working across various Marketing and Commercial roles managing assets through various lifecycle stages in Innovative Health and Established business settings in-country, regionally, and globally.

Melissa Koufopoulos
Executive Director of Marketing

Merck & Co Inc

Currently, Melissa works in Global Oncology, focusing on one of Merck’s new assets and the lung cancer business.  With over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, she has diverse experience across various commercial roles, spanning sales management, analytics, customer marketing, and brand marketing. While Oncology has been her focus for the past eight years, she has also worked on primary care, hospital, and specialty brands.

Lori Holmes


Lori helps clients assess market dynamics and trends and develop marketing and brand strategies. Her 15 years of experience in healthcare consulting and market research focuses on new product development and optimizing marketing communications from pre-launch through the product lifecycle.  She has developed expertise in a broad range of therapeutic areas in pharmaceuticals, focusing on oncology.