Trial Consulting Perspectives

Trial strategy requires creative and strategically crafted communications to tell a persuasive case. Hear from our consultants as they share their experiences across an array of psychological concepts to correctly posit compelling messages that address the varied mix of communication styles that jurors bring with them. For more, explore what we offer in our trial consulting services.

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The Jury of Now

An effective COVID trial strategy cannot be designed without first understanding the new COVID jury.  By instead conducting focused research, trial communications can be optimized to resonate among the jury of now.

COVID balance of justice

What does COVID mean for the jury trial?

The COVID era trial must balance protecting the constitutional elements of a jury trial while protecting the nation’s health in a pandemic.  Both a socially distanced in-person approach and a virtual approach allow for that – but also pose challenges that trial teams have never encountered.

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The Human Elements of Persuasion

Nancy Neufer and Rob Duboff share anecdotes from their research experience to illustrate the challenges faced by intellectual property litigators who must present technical evidence while still taking care to address the human elements of the story that concern jurors.