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Strategic communications is a big job — and at HawkPartners, we know that reaching and inspiring customers requires thoughtful planning, creation, testing and implementation across many touchpoints. We partner with marketers to develop insightful communications strategies, and to assess your work against competitive and out-of-industry messaging.

Our team also conducts both qualitative and quantitative research to help evaluate advertising/creative concepts, optimize messaging and bring greater effectiveness to your overall communications approach. Our goal: to help you and your communications partners produce work that works harder than ever.

What We Do

Our strategic communications services include:

  • Message Development & Testing
  • Advertising/Concept Testing
  • Communications Audit & Strategy
  • Marketing Metrics & ROI Analysis
  • Trial Consulting

Success Factors

The HawkPartners approach focuses on five aspects we believe are key to successful marcom development:

  • Keeping the overall brand strategy as “north star”
  • Thinking holistically about the brand experience
  • Simulating the actual decision-making experience
  • Moving beyond the rational to explore emotional benefits
  • Testing concepts fairly and consistently
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