Strategizing Jury Selection to Influence Trial Outcomes

An AmLaw 100 client sought help in preparing a jury selection strategy for his client, an owner of several large manufacturing sites, that was seeking reimbursement from its insurance carriers for environmental clean-ups.

Given HawkPartners experience working in Environmental Coverage Ligation for both plaintiffs and defendants, we were able to put together a juror profile, a set of supporting voir dire questions and a recommended jury selection strategy for our client.

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Methods Used

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The trial was expected to last four to six weeks and thus, juror hardship was also a concern. A HawkPartners consultant sat with trial counsel during four days of individual voir dire to evaluate hardship claims, followed by one day of group voir dire to explore broader issues.

At the conclusion of the weeklong process, a jury was empaneled. And, within a few days, the remaining defendant made its first settlement offer that led to a resolution of the case that was satisfactory for our client.