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Kathy Butler helps clients gather customer insights to drive effective marketing strategies.  Her work has included a wide range of customer insight driven engagements, including identifying and prioritizing areas of unmet need for new product development, maximizing the potential of both new and mature products and developing effective marketing communications. Much of Kathy’s work involves synthesizing the perspectives of diverse customer stakeholders (e.g. healthcare professionals, patients, payers and KOLs) to create a clear picture of key drivers and barriers to market opportunity. Kathy’s primary industry focus is the healthcare industry with clients in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, health insurance and integrated healthcare delivery. Over the course of her career, Kathy has also worked in a variety of other industries, including financial services, media and entertainment.

Prior to joining HawkPartners, Kathy led Blue Hill Consulting, an independent consulting and market research firm based in the Boston area. Kathy also worked previously at TAB Associates, a boutique management consulting firm located in Boston and at two leading market research and strategy firms, Marketing and Planning Systems (MaPS) in Boston and National Analysts in Philadelphia.

All of Kathy’s hobbies are embarrassingly close to the stereotype of a lifelong New Englander. She can often be found knitting, reading, gardening, eating lobster, playing in the great outdoors with her husband and two sons or driving her ancient Subaru. And yes, she is also notoriously thrifty (not cheap!)

Kathy has a BA from Yale University.

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