Karla Rosas

Karla is experienced in qualitative and quantitative research and sees every interaction with audiences and data as an opportunity to discover valuable insights for clients. As a strategist, Karla collaborates with clients to create unique and authentic solutions that align with the brand’s essence while maintaining the focus on the target and prospective audiences. She has experience in market segmentation, brand positioning, concept testing, and customer satisfaction research. Karla also specializes in multicultural research.

Before joining HawkPartners, Karla was a consultant at a market research and strategy firm based in Washington, DC, where she consulted Fortune 500 companies, start-ups, and industry trade associations in the tech, retail, transportation, energy, healthcare, and financial services industries. She’s had the opportunity to help a major transportation company shape its COVID-19 response and major technology companies navigate public and antitrust policy issues.

Before her career as a consultant, Karla served in the United States Air Force, where she deployed to Afghanistan, among other places.

In her free time, Karla likes to camp with her husband and dogs, play pickleball, keep up on all things fashion and art, and find new dinner recipes. Karla has a BA from Dartmouth College.