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Abigail Ahearn

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Abigail Ahearn helps clients to develop, enhance and evaluate their marketing and communications strategies. She brings a depth of experience in market research and consulting spanning the healthcare, financial services and media industries, among others. Abigail particularly enjoys advising clients on their marketing strategies in areas such as product development, new market entry and communications. Her market research expertise includes qualitative and quantitative advertising testing, brand health assessment and tracking, concept testing, segmentation and customer attitude and usage studies. She also jumps at the opportunity to work in interim market research and marketing strategy capacities.

Prior to joining HawkPartners, Abbey served in multiple client service roles at global research firm Ipsos, including research manager for Ipsos-Far East in Hong Kong where she led quantitative advertising and brand research projects for Fortune 500 clients in China, Japan and the Philippines. Abbey has also managed marketing research initiatives for Allianz AG as well as consulted for United Way International and the General Motors Foundation where she facilitated partnerships between corporations and nonprofits. Early in her career, Abbey produced content and initiated marketing research efforts for Scholastic’s online service for K-12 schools.

In her next life, Abbey would like to be a talk show host so that she can have deep, probing conversations with people from all walks of life. Fortunately, her work at HawkPartners affords her plenty of opportunity to do so in this life. And her two young children provide more laughter, love and drama than can be found on any talk show.

Abigail received a BA from Dartmouth College and MBA from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business.

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