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Sneha Venkatraman has worked with organizations in a variety of industries to advance their brand positioning, market expansion, and digital strategy efforts. She enjoys cultivating strong relationships with clients and is passionate about applying her analytical background and interest in the humanities towards helping them understand their customers.

Sneha initially discovered her interest in market research upon co-founding a startup that delivered locally grown produce, an experience that led her to launch market research initiatives at other sustainability-focused ventures. Prior to joining HawkPartners, Sneha interned at Prophet, a brand strategy consultancy. She collaborated with the internal strategy team, building a case for prioritizing capability gaps within the digital realm, and she conducted market landscape analyses for external engagements. At APCO Worldwide, she worked on public affairs, private, and non-profit consulting projects to redesign a grant application process and identify international market opportunities.

When not in the office, Sneha can be found dancing to Spanish music, reading and writing, or painting landscapes. She also enjoys trying her hand at water sports and exploring new cities when she gets the chance.

Sneha received a B.S. in Business Administration from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She minored in anthropology and math decision sciences.