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Rachel Bergstresser

headshot of rachel bergstresser

Rachel Bergstresser assists clients in uncovering target audience insights that guide actionable marketing strategies. She has worked across a range of industries, with a particular focus in healthcare. Her experience includes a mix of quantitative and qualitative research techniques, spanning product development, launch and tracking, as well as consultative efforts to guide strategy development.

Prior to joining HawkPartners, Rachel was a senior project director at Adelphi Research, a pharmaceutical marketing research company. In her role at Adelphi Research, Rachel led quantitative and qualitative research projects with a wide range of different research methodologies. She had a particular focus in oncology and rare diseases.

In her time away from work, Rachel’s enjoys spending time outdoors, cooking and shopping. She is a recent podcast addict and when she can pull herself away, she can be found with friends, family and her beloved animals.

Rachel received a BA in Sociology from Temple University.