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Nancy Neufer focuses on helping clients to develop persuasive communications strategies for use in a variety of business settings. Her particular expertise is in helping clients to understand the predispositions and attitudes of their audiences and, from this perspective, to create the most compelling messages. Nancy heads HawkPartners’ litigation consulting practice, and also assists marketing clients across a variety of industries, with a particular emphasis on pharmaceuticals, healthcare and financial services.

Prior to joining HawkPartners, Nancy spent more than 10 years with FTI Consulting and DecisionQuest, conducting juror perception research and consulting with trial teams and corporate clients. Her work included the management of large-scale trial consulting engagements for clients in numerous industries including pharmaceuticals, professional services, technology and consumer goods. Nancy also has more than 10 years of experience in the airline industry in a variety of market research, sales and management positions. During that time she conducted market research and analysis for regional, national and international air carriers to inform decisions about new market entry, the determination of service levels, pricing and customer service quality control.

Nancy finds rest and relaxation in listening to music and enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family. When time permits, her favorite spots to seek inspiration are hiking in the Alps or soaking up the beauty of a serene mountain lake.

Nancy received a BS and MS in Business Administration from The Pennsylvania State University.

Perspectives by Nancy Neufer

An effective COVID trial strategy cannot be designed without first understanding the new COVID jury.  By instead conducting focused research, trial communications can be optimized to resonate among the jury of now.

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The COVID era trial must balance protecting the constitutional elements of a jury trial while protecting the nation’s health in a pandemic.  Both a socially distanced in-person approach and a virtual approach allow for that – but also pose challenges that trial teams have never encountered.

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