Molly Smith

Photo of Molly Smith

Molly Smith brings years of experience and held accounting roles in various industries, including healthcare and tech. Molly’s responsibilities include processing operational invoices as well as all project related invoices from research partners.

Before joining HawkPartners, Molly handled the equipment inventory for a heavy equipment dealership spanning eleven locations across five states. Primarily responsible for the financing of equipment, she balanced floorplan accounts and handled daily audits of inventory movements and book value variances. She handled all sales and companywide commissions. Molly is proficient in managing relationships with outside vendors, reconciling a variety of accounts, intercompany transactions, and maintaining organization and communication in all her duties. Always willing to learn more, Molly is eager to dive into new tasks and challenges in all aspects of accounting.

Molly has called Maine home for over 25 years. She lives in Southern Maine with her husband and two daughters. A love of the outdoors inspires Molly and her family to travel around the state discovering new campgrounds and exploring different hiking areas. She is always looking for the next best fishing spot!

Molly received a BS in Accounting with a concentration in Financial Accounting from the University of Maine at Augusta.