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Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale assists clients across a range of industries in developing effective marketing strategies based on rigorous and inventive market research. Leveraging insights from both qualitative and quantitative primary research findings, she collaborates with Fortune 500 companies to deliver comprehensive reports that guide brand, product/service and communication development in alignment with their unique strategic marketing goals. Lucy is particularly interested in understanding what motivates consumer decision making, particularly in the evolving digital landscape and distilling from those insights clear, actionable strategies.

Before returning to HawkPartners full-time, Lucy completed a Dartmouth Fellowship in Public Health where she worked at a nonprofit organization in Belize that provides free medical care, health prevention measures and health education. Prior to her work in Belize, Lucy interned with HawkPartners. During her internship, she helped a pharmaceutical company discern the cause of its marketing challenges and helped produce a rebranding strategy through research gathered from physician and consumer interviews. She also helped a technology company identify market opportunities and develop a go-to-market strategy for a new device through quantitative research and data analysis.

Lucy spends her free time seeking out live music, new restaurants and fun ways to get outside. When she has the chance to travel, Lucy loves exploring new countries, seeking out unique and interesting cultures and experiences.

Lucy received a BA in psychology from Dartmouth College.

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