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Jenna Zeng

phot headshot of Jenna Zeng

Jenna Zeng works together with clients across various industries to assist them in building robust, well-informed marketing strategies. Jenna leverages insights from both quantitative and qualitative research and data analysis to arrive at actionable recommendations, helping clients navigate their toughest marketing challenges.

As an intern at HawkPartners, Jenna partnered with companies in the healthcare and technology industries to strengthen their branding, messaging, and strategy efforts. She conducted extensive primary and secondary research to help companies better understand and connect to consumers and the competitive landscape. Jenna is particularly interested in consumer psychology and optimizing the relationship between brands and their customers.

In her free time, Jenna likes to stay active – whether that be doing Pilates or going for a walk along Chicago’s lakeshore – and spend time with friends and family. She also enjoys travelling and trying new restaurants, as well as spending afternoons reading a good book in a local cafe.

Jenna received a BA in Economics with minors in Business Studies and Sociology from New York University.