Diane Previlon

headshot of diane previlon

Diane Previlon is devoted to helping clients, including Fortune 500 companies from a wide array of industries, to identify their most pressing marketing challenges and develop fact-based, actionable solutions. She relies on her experience in both qualitative and quantitative research for accurate and thorough market assessments with customer and provider insights.

Diane has helped pharmaceutical and healthcare companies refine their rebranding strategies for specific drugs by conducting qualitative research with physicians spanning many specialties. Her work helped guide product, brand, and customer-related strategy decisions. Before joining HawkPartners full-time, Diane previously interned at HawkPartners, and also interned at the offices of Senator Elizabeth Warren where she served as a liaison between constituents and the office staff. She collaborated on cases varying from Veteran Assistance to mortgage default evictions. She also has experience researching and deciphering Department of Labor (DOL) government contracts at YouthBuild USA and developing annual budgets at Groupe Croissance, a leading sustainable growth research analysis firm in Haiti.

Outside of work, Diane spends her free time devouring the latest best-sellers, dancing, and staying active. She is an avid moviegoer with strong opinions about the film and television industry. Over the years, she has developed a zeal for marine life.

Diane received a BA in Economics from Haverford College.