Alexandra Compare

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Alexandra Compare helps clients develop effective marketing strategies. She leads qualitative research, quantitative research, brand/marketing strategy and consulting projects for clients across a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals and healthcare, financial services, insurance, consumer packaged goods and education. She is passionate about helping clients understand the needs and perspectives of customers and translating them into informed marketing decisions.

Over her decade-plus at HawkPartners, Alexandra has developed an expertise in pharmaceuticals and healthcare. Her work with clients in complex therapeutic areas and across stakeholders is consistently challenging and rewarding. She works with large companies on established brands and with small companies launching their first products, and everything in between. Alexandra is also fluent in Spanish and enjoys helping clients reach multi-cultural audiences particularly when trying to address disparities in care.

Before joining HawkPartners, Alexandra worked at The Boston Consulting Group in New York City with a focus on long-term strategy for financial service firms. Prior to BCG, Alexandra worked for Northern Trust Bank in Miami on the investment side of a cross-functional team that provided trust management services to high net worth domestic and international clients.

Alexandra received a BS in Finance and International Business with honors from Georgetown University and MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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