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Advanced Analytics

HawkPartners can apply a wide range of advanced analytic methods, including multiple regression, latent class models, structural equation models, discrete choice models, Max-Diff and TURF, to address your key business objectives.

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Behavioral Science Techniques

Nonconscious (“System 1”) thinking heavily influences human decision-making and behavior. HawkPartners incorporates a variety of techniques – drawn directly from the latest behavioral science research – to capture both System 1 and System 2 responses.

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Database Analytics

HawkPartners is adept at mining customer data across a variety of sources – CRM systems, call centers, target customer lists and third-party sources. When customer data is appended to custom survey data, it can provide even greater insights.

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Digitally-Enabled Tools

HawkPartners leverages digitally-enabled data collection techniques to optimize research relevance and insight. We’re well-versed in mobile surveys & ethnography diaries, online bulletin boards & communities, eye tracking, geo targeting, social media monitoring, text analytics and more.

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Expert Moderation

Our staff includes more than 40 expert moderators experienced in individual and group interviews across a variety of industries. Our dual-moderator approach provides greater flexibility and helps us generate richer insights for qualitative research.

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Mystery Shopping

There’s no substitute for the real thing, so HawkPartners often conducts B2C and B2B mystery shopping to personally evaluate competitive sales practices, marketing collateral, new offers and customer experience.

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Projective Techniques

To unlock nonconscious/emotional insights, HawkPartners uses a variety of creative & projective techniques, including: perceptual mapping, implicit association, image sorts, brand personification, role playing, mock dialogue and war gaming.

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Quantitative Survey Research

When you need statistically-representative data from your target audience, we will design, execute and analyze quantitative surveys. And given consumers’ shortening attention spans, we specialize in making our surveys simple and engaging for your respondents.   

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Secondary Research

Secondary research helps HawkPartners’ clients better understand the competitive or market landscape, and we’re experts at mining and synthesizing a range of secondary sources, from industry publications, academic literature and syndicated research to company websites, social media and blogs.

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Stakeholder Workshops

Even the most brilliant strategies can fail without internal buy-in. Our stakeholder workshops are designed to drive client alignment and action, facilitating strategy implementation through action plans that prioritize market opportunities around potential impact and internal feasibility.

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