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HawkPartners consultants earn their professional reputations by questioning, exploring, strategizing, and analyzing. Our people post, publish and speak on a wide variety of timely marketing and strategy-related topics. Browse our featured posts below or select by subject from the archived blog and published items. Want to discuss anything you read? We welcome the conversation.

Digitization Sparks a Revolution: How to Prepare for the Many Ways It’ll Transform Patient Experiences

April 10, 2018 Kathy Butler, Margie Sherr and Enrique Pumar of HawkPartners to Speak at EyeforPharma this April Digitization will revolutionize how healthcare and pharma companies engage with patients – including vast changes in medication selection and adherence, disease awareness and monitoring, the patient-healthcare provider relationship and more. Are you ready? Kathy Butler, Margie Sherr […]

Behavioral Economics is Changing the Way We Market

Ever wonder why customers act the way they do? Do you know what works, but not why it works? The answers may be found in the principles of behavioral economics. The HawkPartners team led this engaging discussion helping brands transform their approach to marketing and research.