TMRE 2019 Five Key Emerging Trends

By Joanna Landsvik and Erin Moores

After an engaging few days listening and discussing ideas with insights leaders across industries at TMRE, HawkPartners identified 5 key emerging trends.

Trend #1 It’s All About People

Multiple companies addressed the need to stop thinking about “consumers” and “customers” and instead focus on “people” to build deeper connections with brands. Presenters urged marketers to see the people behind the consumer so they can understand how better to serve their needs.

Trend #2 The Power of Storytelling

In a fragmented media environment and with complex organizations, companies recognize how essential it is to craft compelling stories both internally and externally.  People are looking to brands to tell their stories in compelling ways in order to build human connections.

Trend #3 Fueling a Brand Voice through Authenticity

Insights leaders emphasized the need for a strong voice and authenticity that is grounded in insights.  Companies are finding ways to authentically connect with people. It’s not just taking a stance on a political issue, it’s about communicating clearly what brands stand for.

Trend #4 Knowing your People will Help Identify Jobs to be Done

In focusing on people, brands are identifying new and different ways to connect.  As a result, they are able to identify the “jobs” that people are relying on their brands to complete.  Looking at specific people’s needs – rather than the macro consumer – has enabled companies to unlock additional growth.

Trend #5 The Robots are Here

From keynote speakers to many of the presentations, AI is a huge focus for insights professionals and sparked discussion about how it is changing the way the industry gathers and interprets data. Regardless of its benefits and drawbacks, it is important that we learn to engage with AI to optimally leverage insights.

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