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Kathy Butler, Margie Sherr and Enrique Pumar of HawkPartners
to Speak at EyeforPharma this April

This is a graphic of digital design. It represents how it digitization will change healthcare and pharma for patients.Digitization Sparks a Revolution:
How to Prepare for the Many Ways
It’ll Transform Patient Experiences

Digitization will revolutionize how healthcare and pharma companies engage with patients – including vast changes in medication selection and adherence, disease awareness and monitoring, the patient-healthcare provider relationship and more. Are you ready?

Kathy ButlerMargie Sherr and Enrique Pumar will facilitate this workshop where pharma leaders will:

  • Hear insights from our Innovation Panels™  on how digitization will impact the patient experience and what this means for pharma companies
  • Participate in peer breakouts where we’ll think through the role digitization will play in improving the patient experience
  • Brainstorm with other pharma leaders on specific actions you can take in the near and long term to be ready to embrace the opportunities
  • Leave with actions you can take to thrive in this new age of digitization


“We’re excited to share insights from our Innovation Panels
and to talk through potential implications for pharma.
We’ve been following this trend for some time and
foresee a lot of ways it’ll impact the healthcare system.”

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