Building Authentic Connections in Unpredictable Times

San Francisco Conversation & Cocktails
October 12, 2022 | 6:00 – 9:00pm PST
La Mar | Pier 1 1/2, The Embarcadero

We live in a world that is more unpredictable than it’s ever been in recent memory. With so much on consumers’ minds, they are questioning and challenging brands in new ways. More than ever, leaders must decide when and how their brands should respond to pivotal moments in our rapidly evolving world.

Brand Authenticity means showing consumers who your brand is, what it stands for and the role it can play in their lives. Consumer connections built on authenticity position your brand to succeed—whatever the future may bring.

Our panel of experts discussed how Brand Authenticity should be woven into your brand’s decision-making process to build stronger connections with consumers.

Watch our highlight video!

Panel Speakers

Miya Gray, Pfizer

Vice President, Customer Experience & Engagement

Ana  Roji

Ana Roji, Netflix

Senior Product Consumer Insights

Allison Yarborough

Allison Yarborough, Lilt

Chief of Staff

Lori  Holmes

Lori Holmes, HawkPartners