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Behavioral Economics is Changing the Way We Market

March 7, 2018

Forum for Corporate Marketers & Researchers

Ever wonder why customers act the way they do? Do you know what works, but not why it works? The answers may be found in the principles of behavioral economics.

Join us to network with peers over breakfast at this engaging discussion where we’ll:

  • Examine the principles of behavioral economics from Daniel Kahneman’s best-selling book Thinking, Fast & Slow that are causing customers to act in surprising ways and changing the way we market today
  • Discuss how this changes how we position our brands, talk about our products and focus our advertising based on how customers really make decisions
  • Consider what this means for your brand’s marketing efforts and how to tailor your customer feedback loop with these insights in mind

Rob Duboff, Lori Holmes and Jesse Epstein of Hawk Partners will lead this engaging discussion that’ll transform your approach to marketing and research. Join us to network with peers whether you know a lot or a little on this topic.

You’ll leave with actions your brand can take to give customers what they truly want.


Rob Duboff

Lori Holmes

Jesse Epstein

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