Using Agile Research to Optimize UX for a Leading Food Delivery App

In the rapidly evolving food delivery market, a leading tech company sought to get new app features and functions to market more quickly. Additionally, the client wanted to get a pulse on the collective mindset of customers in order to better communicate with users and increase the stickiness of the app.

Using Agile Research to Optimize UX for a Leading Food Delivery App

Methods Used

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HawkPartners developed and executed agile, recurring qualitative research. From kick-off to recruiting and through reporting, each month we design and execute a complete UX study about relevant strategic topics, features, functions, and products. We often leverage co-creation approaches with target audiences – including restaurant owners, customers, and drivers – to understand pain points and surface innovative ideas that would enhance the interface experience.

Our client has been able to substantially increase the speed of implementing, iterating, and optimizing the features and functions of their app interface. Simultaneously, our client is better understanding the needs of their target users and more effectively developing or co-developing products to address their needs while better communicating with them about the launch of new tools. This program is driving an increase in the number of new and repeat users of the app.