Helping a diversified financial services provider revitalize its life insurance business

A leading financial services company needed help with its life insurance business. Although the business had high satisfaction and loyalty among its existing policyholders, it suffered from stagnating growth due to low brand awareness, outdated acquisition tools and a cumbersome application process. HawkPartners was hired to develop a go-to-market plan that would reboot the business.

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Methods Used

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First, we executed primary research to identify the optimal prospects as well as understand their needs, frustrations and sources of category information. Then, we studied in- and out-of-industry beacons to determine best practices in customer acquisition. And finally, we developed and tested a variety of ways to optimize the customer application experience as well as improve message relevancy, especially for underserved segments such as millennials and immigrants.

Through a series of workshops, we worked hand-in-hand with our client to develop an action plan with recommendations in seven areas to expand their target market, grow brand awareness and consideration, improve message relevancy, enhance the application experience and improve cross-selling and upselling. Our client applied the insights and plan immediately to develop the following year’s marketing plan, guide strategic investments and optimize tactics for the next two-year period.

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