Optimizing a digital content platform for a leading media company

A leading media company was preparing to launch a new digital platform, which included a companion mobile app designed to appeal to young professionals who travel frequently. The company needed to understand current user behaviors, preferences and needs to optimize the digital experience.

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Methods Used

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HawkPartners took a comprehensive approach to address the client’s needs. Rather than just asking customers what they needed, we first wanted to understand their current digital behaviors in a variety of settings (including while on-the-go).

Through use of mobile diaries, participants were able to upload text, photos and videos documenting current needs and frustrations related to accessing content while traveling for work. Users identified three core needs: save me time, save me money and keep me connected. To further explore these needs and test potential solutions, we conducted a series of in-depth interviews and focus groups. Lastly, we utilized quantitative survey data to understand users’ preferred ways to access content, test options for customization and evaluate interest in a variety of subscription-based content services.

The client used the insights to inform several important enhancements to the platform. Ultimately, they successfully launched a product addressing target user needs and providing a comprehensive one-stop-shop for mobile content.