Measuring and tracking brand health for a leading B2B telecom provider

After acquiring several regional competitors, a leading provider of telecommunications services sought to measure and track the health of its integrated national brand among business customers for internet, voice, TV, and managed network services.

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Methods Used

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HawkPartners developed a comprehensive brand health program to measure brand Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) among business customers and prospects within this telecom provider’s target market. We started by facilitating a multi-functional touch point mapping workshop to develop hypotheses to test in the market. We launched separate online surveys among different B2B customer segments – including small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprise customers – to measure KPIs including aided and unaided awareness, campaign awareness and recall, and brand consideration.

As we built a robust data set of brand health measures, HawkPartners employed a variety of analytic tools to help the client prioritize investments to improve its brand health. We also evaluated the sales and marketing pipeline to help determine key competitive gaps and opportunities to grow net-new customers.

As the client’s brand matures, the brand health program provides an ongoing barometer of its brand performance. The program has helped the client prioritize investments in specific touch points that were under leveraged in the past. It has also helped identify several opportunities to inject emotions into the company’s brand voice. Since inception of the program, brand health has steadily improved relative to competition across a variety of KPIs.