Developing a winning value proposition for a leading mortgage lender

This mortgage lender offered a wide variety of industry-leading products and services but lacked a clear, discernable value proposition. The company needed an overarching “north star” to guide product development and anchor all of its product marketing communications.

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Methods Used

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HawkPartners helped the client develop a differentiating and compelling value proposition, including the target audience, brand promise and reasons to believe. We started by interviewing customer-facing stakeholders within the business to understand current and future opportunities. Then, we evaluated the needs of three distinct customer segments most critical to the business. We also evaluated competitor value propositions to identify “white space” that the client could own in customers’ minds.

Based on these inputs, we developed 12 potential value proposition “territories” for further evaluation. Through a series of workshops with executive stakeholders, we aligned on a shortlist of three refined territories, which were “brought to life” with ad concepts and tested with customers and prospects.

Ultimately, HawkPartners recommended a value proposition that focused on dramatically simplifying the mortgage process – rollout of the new value proposition is underway and will transform product development, marketing communications and customer touch points.