Forecasting demand for a biotechnology company’s novel therapy

An emerging biotechnology company was preparing for the commercialization of a novel therapy for weight loss and glycemic control. The client sought to understand the potential demand for the product and identify the areas of greatest opportunity among patients and health care providers.

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Methods Used

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HawkPartners first conducted in-depth interviews with both patients and health care providers to establish perspectives towards weight loss/wellness, unmet needs, and barriers impacting product use. These insights were then used to hypothesize key consumer targets to explore in the quantitative phase.

HawkPartners then conducted a robust quantitative survey, with the primary objective to determine demand from consumers and health care providers. Using an integrated market model, forecasts of patient volume and revenue were developed for key consumer targets at varying product price points. The forecast was supplemented by a more detailed view of the market, including key drivers and barriers impacting uptake and a map of how the product would fit within the treatment landscape.

The client used the outputs of the study to inform product launch planning, including commercialization, pricing, and targeting.