Developing an Actionable Enterprise-Level Segmentation

A leading multi-line financial services client sought to fuel product development and optimize messaging for its core consumer market. In particular, our client sought to understand differing emotional drivers behind financial behaviors and to identify areas of opportunity within specific consumer segments.

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Methods Used

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HawkPartners worked with the client team to clearly articulate the long-term goals of the study and to ensure inclusive project design. Inclusivity across a wide range of stakeholders was particularly critical for this engagement, since it led to a unified view of the consumer audience across lines of business. This was a paradigm shift for an organization in which each line of business had historically had its own segmentation. The keys to success included gathering stakeholder buy-in early and often, facilitating a comprehensive survey design, and conducting multivariate analysis with an eye towards implementation. The resulting segmentation solution had clear and actionable implications across lines of business.

Building on the survey-based segmentation, HawkPartners also worked with the client to identify opportunities to collect and append additional customer-level data to create a robust internal tool for sizing marketing opportunities and guiding marketing communications. The client has fully integrated the segmentation across the organization and continues to build on initial learnings by incorporating ROI assessments of segment-specific activities. Ongoing senior management support ensures buy-in internally. Favorable customer responses to product offerings and messaging efforts also created a positive feedback loop for continued use of the segmentation.