Developing a Holistic Strategy to Become a Leader in Oncology​

Through understanding the goals and challenges of Oncology access and delivery stakeholders and exploring what makes a best-in-class Oncology partner, we worked alongside our client to develop a strategic action plan for their Oncology franchise.

Developing a Holistic Strategy to Become a Leader in Oncology

Methods Used


A major pharmaceutical company with a deep legacy in Oncology and a strong commitment to delivering better patient experiences recognized that it was imperative to go beyond the direct influence of HCPs. The company needed to fill gaps in knowledge to understand how to win across all Oncology stakeholders, not just with clinicians, given the complex realities of Oncology care today. Therefore, they sought to deeply understand the needs and perspectives of non-prescribing healthcare ecosystem (access) stakeholders, with roles as purchasers, payers, patient advocates, and policymakers.


To advance perceptions of the Oncology franchise, it was important to establish a baseline of current perceptions and understand which manufacturers were considered best-in-class by ecosystem stakeholders, and why. HawkPartners followed a three-phased approach to developing the access strategy.

In the first phase we conducted an internal franchise analysis, interviewing key internal stakeholders and reviewed current access approaches and strategies to understand the organizational capabilities, key hypotheses, and areas of alignment prior to hearing from external stakeholders. During the second phase, through primary research, we gathered qualitative insights on various stakeholders’ goals and interactions with pharma, their role in the oncology patient journey, and perceptions of and future interactions with pharma. Respondents included payers, IDNs, oncology groups, Specialty Pharmacies, GPOs, and others. These interviews allowed us to understand the goals and challenges of Oncology access stakeholders and explore their perspectives on what makes a best-in-class Oncology partner. In the final phase, we facilitated a series of workshops to socialize our insights, explore implications, and develop strategic next steps.

Stephanie Jones

HawkPartners provided the client with robust insights that were grounded in the voice of the customer. These insights enabled the team to understand the goals and challenges of Oncology access stakeholders, explore what makes a best-in-class Oncology partner, and develop a strategic plan for the Oncology franchise to implement moving forward.

The strategic plan became the basis for evolving the organizational mindset when interacting with key accounts as well as for revising go-to-market communications coming from key account managers. In particular, we worked with the client to embed this mindset at internal sales meetings and through other internal communications.