Behavioral Economics Toolkit

Marketing research is often based on the assumption that respondents make decisions using rational thinking. This assumption fails to consider that customers often don’t know or can’t explain why they decide to buy.  

Incorporating behavioral economics into marketing research can help bridge this gap. Understanding non-rational drivers such as how a customer reacts to the way a package feels or the raw emotions elicited from seeing an advertisement can add incredible value to a study. Download your complimentary copy of the toolkit to:

  • Learn about behavioral economics
  • Understand why it’s important and how it can help you
  • Gain four best practices to infuse into your research  

Download Your Complimentary Copy


Robert Duboff is CEO and a founder of HawkPartners. Over his 35 year career, he has worked with clients across virtually all industries and advised senior executives on a range of strategy, brand and marketing issues.

Sharon Mowen has over 25 years of experience in custom qualitative and quantitative market research, both domestic and global. She is known for her thorough, strategically-focused research and analysis. 

Jesse Epstein works with clients in the areas of qualitative and quantitative research, marketing and business development. He helps clients develop marketing strategies using research-based insights.