Mark Deck

Mark Deck is a retired Partner of PRTM Management Consultants and Managing Director at PwC, which acquired PRTM in August 2011. At his retirement in 2012, Mark led the Enterprise Co-Creation practice, focused on helping clients tap the power of co-creation to innovate their products, services, operations, and processes. This groundbreaking work included:

  • B2B and B2C customer co-creation: engaging customers and customer communities along with partners and partner communities in the innovation of new products, services, and outcomes to drive growth
  • Business ecosystem co-creation: capturing new growth opportunities by co-creating new outcomes and roles for enterprises in their current or adjacent ecosystems
  • Operational co-creation and transformation: creating breakthrough operational process performance through the two-way engagement of internal and external stakeholders enabled by well designed engagement platforms to achieve new experiences of value

Mark has 33 years of consulting experience focused principally on the management and development of new products and services. For 12 years of his 16 years at PRTM, he led the firm’s innovation and product development practice, expanding the PACE® best practice reference model to include product lifecycle management and open innovation.

From January 2008 until June 2010, Mark worked in Shanghai, supporting PRTM’s growth in Asia, leading client work focused on global innovation and development, and helping Chinese based companies to accelerate the growth of their innovation capabilities.

Mark’s most recent work has been with non-profit companies, advising executive leadership on ways to improve innovation productivity and impact. He is working to adapt the fundamental operational concepts pioneered at PRTM to non-profit innovation program and portfolio management.

Mark is the 2002 Past President of the Product Development & Management Association (PDMA) and co-founder of the PDMA Body of Knowledge. He was a regular contributor to forums on product development and innovation, making presentations, chairing, and conducting workshops on various topics in new product development at conferences sponsored by the Conference Board, the Strategic Leadership Forum, the Economist, and the PDMA. Mark has also published articles on product development in “Research-Technology Management,” the PDMA ToolBook of Product Development, and PRTM’s Setting the PACE in Product Development.

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Prior to joining PRTM, Mark was a Vice President at Mercer Management Consulting and founded the firm’s practice in High Performance New Product Development. He began his consulting career at Management Decision Systems where he became a leader in pre-test market sales forecasting for new consumer goods products. He holds a M.S. in Management from the MIT Sloan School of Management and a B.S. in Mathematics from Syracuse University.