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Marketing Services

Upside Analysis

Where is your next big opportunity? You have a few ideas. Or at least a hunch. That’s often how success starts. “What if we…”  Or “No one’s addressing consumers’ needs for …"

But while success may start with a what if or a how about, it’s achieved only after you validate the opportunity, understand the obstacles, and develop a strategy that has a high likelihood of delivering the results you need. HawkPartners has a time- tested and proven approach to assess market opportunities.

It's called Upside Analysis


We start by understanding the opportunity you see – and delineating the hypotheses underlying your thinking. Then we test them against a fact-base developed about the present and past from “big data,” market research, and competitive analysis.  HawkPartners analyzes and synthesizes all the sources to support or challenge what you foresee

We can even go so far as to evaluate whether your internal capabilities and resources can assure success. With an Upside assessment, you’ll be far more likely to make the right decisions, develop an effective launch plan, iterate quickly as the market evolves, and achieve your growth objectives.  

At a minimum, you will have an objective, comprehensive, and clear perspective on how high your aspirations should be.