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Marketing Services

Marketing Strategy Consulting

HawkPartners believes that marketing strategy is built upon a clear perspective of customer, competitor and market information that focuses investments and efforts to yield the greatest positive impact to brands and businesses. Our relevant experience with market leaders across multiple industries allows us to identify and recommend best practices and practical, executable solutions, ultimately accelerating change in your organization.

Go to Market More Effectively

Marketing Strategy

The cornerstone of any business strategy is a compelling, effective, and cost efficient marketing strategy. HawkPartners works with clients to understand their business objectives, market environment, and internal capabilities to form a fact-based marketing strategy. We work with products, services and companies to determine the appropriate channels (including the internet and social media), message, pricing and other factors to reach target customers and influence desired behavior.

Communications Strategy

A marketing strategy must be complemented by a consistent and compelling communication strategy, which should build interest, support, and activism among all key stakeholders. HawkPartners can help develop the overall communication plan and address key design questions, including:

  • How much should you be spending?
  • Which channels and tactics are likely to be most effective?
  • When and how often should you be contacting customers and prospects?
  • What kind of yield are you likely to get?
  • How should tactics be integrated?
  • When should leads be handed off from Marketing to Sales?

Social Networking Strategy

As the marketing world grapples to develop cogent strategies using emerging social networks as communication channels, HawkPartners has developed a range of offerings relating to social networking issues. Since most of these networks were designed to facilitate peer-to-peer interaction, the force-fitting of businesses and marketing objectives is problematic. Thus, most marketers' efforts are labeled "experimental" and most businesses are, understandably, entering with baby steps. We believe there should be a more strategic and fact-based approach. While we have customized consulting and research services to help clients deal with social network opportunities, the best starting point is likely to be a Workshop.

Marketing Capability Assessment

While return-on-investment analysis has always been important, the pressure on marketing executives to deliver “measurable results” has grown significantly in recent years. HawkPartners helps executives deliver bottom-line results by identifying key opportunity areas, evaluating performance against goals, and providing the leadership that significant change often requires. We start by comparing a client's current capabilities with industry benchmarks to develop a baseline understanding of the client's unique strengths, opportunities, and challenges. We also develop a measurement system that helps build buy-in among senior management and marketing professionals. We work with clients on both evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of their overall marketing spend and mix, as well as assessing specific marketing components and programs.

Marketing ROI

Marketing executives have always been tasked with demonstrating an appropriate return-on-investment, and these pressures will continue to grow. HawkPartners has literally written the book on ROI (please refer to our Perspectives section) with a customized approach that allows clients to focus on the impact of specific marketing strategies and tactics. We also conduct interactive workshops with clients to help diagnose and build the appropriate measurement systems (please refer to our sample Workshop materials). The goal of our ROI service offering is to help optimize the overall return from all marketing spend.

Enhance Brand Relevance and Consistency

Brand Portfolio Management

While each brand must execute against a specific strategy, their roles with other organizational brands must be clearly defined for both external and internal audiences to ensure the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. HawkPartners works with clients to determine the optimal brand portfolio strategy through a combination of proven frameworks, market research and internal consensus building. We not only help clients make decisions that generate excitement and momentum internally, but also help pressure-test these strategies to ensure they are practical and executable.

Brand Positioning

As companies are confronted with the increasingly difficult task of differentiating their products and services in hyper-competitive markets, a strong brand can protect and expand relationships with valued customers. Effective brand building can boost recognition, purchase intent and loyalty to help deliver the business strategy. HawkPartners’ approach includes market research to assess your brand image, collaborative work sessions to define your brand identity (please refer to our sample Workshop materials), and proven frameworks to develop relevant, distinct and credible positioning strategies. We partner with leading agencies that provide complementary services such as creative development, copy writing, media placement, and campaign execution.

Brand Realization

A brand is a promise that is delivered throughout a customer’s experience with a company. While communications are important, brands are frequently delivered via critical points of interaction that are key influencers on customer behavior. HawkPartners works with our clients to understand and improve upon these key points of interaction, helping clients realize a compelling and distinct brand strategy by delivering it consistently throughout the customer experience. Our approach includes a focus on employee understanding and behavior, as employees are frequently the most critical drivers of customer perceptions and behavior.

Providing a clear perspective on opportunities and how to capitalize on them.