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Marketing Services

Marketing Effectiveness Services

Even the best marketing strategies fail if they are not brought to life effectively for customers, prospects, employees, and other key constituents. Successful execution of marketing campaigns requires an expert balance of customization and consistency to ensure target audience understanding and impact. HawkPartners teams with clients not only to develop a compelling communications approach, but also to disseminate those messages internally to foster organizational understanding and commitment.

Improve Communications Effectiveness

Communications Assessment

A critical element of any brand positioning strategy is to ensure the consistency and effectiveness of how that positioning is communicated across all channels and vehicles. HawkPartners conducts an audit of all internal and external communications to evaluate the degree to which they align with the desired brand identity. The output of such an assessment will document recommended changes needed to more effectively promote core brand messages.

Stakeholder Feedback

Employees and other stakeholders help bring the brand experience to life for customers, especially in services industries. Therefore, effectively communicating the brand message to key stakeholders – and in some cases obtaining their buy-in – is essential. HawkPartners helps clients create feedback tools, processes, and stakeholder roles to ensure a two-way dialogue with key stakeholders to communicate and refine key messages.

Value Proposition Development

A compelling and differentiated value proposition is the key ingredient of any winning marketing strategy and communications campaign. HawkPartners works with clients to define the target market, elicit buyer values, and identify the benefits that the product/service can provide to the marketplace.  We test alternate ways of communicating these value propositions to customers, guiding where to focus and/or refine the message.

Improve Marketing Team Effectiveness

Executive Development Services

HawkPartners helps clients accelerate strategy implementation to quickly achieve the desired behaviors and outcomes by communicating and working directly with those responsible for delivering business results.

We work with these clients to create and deliver programs that frequently cross functions, business units and continents. Programs can include half-day and full-day workshops, often entailing serial sessions over a year. Content and materials are custom-created, based on company-specific situations and audiences. Likewise, communication techniques are tailored to each situation and might include action learning, case studies, live cases, role playing, competitive simulations, facilitator-led planning discussions, brainstorming, pre-session survey instruments, etc.

Our executive development services help clients:

  • Articulate strategy by bringing it to life
  • Enhance shared understanding of situations, threats and opportunities
  • Create strategic alignment and/or effective communication across functions, business units and companies
  • Learn and use new skills and behaviors
  • Improve individual and organizational performance

Our team of professionals has backgrounds in executive development, management training, career development and management, and has led executive strategy sessions, workshops, and large-scale executive development sessions for clients in the financial services, professional services, pharmaceutical, energy, telecommunication, and retail industries.

Executive Forums and Marketing Councils

Another key success factor of any communications effort is ensuring the understanding and active support of leadership. HawkPartners develops and facilitates customized executive forums and/or marketing councils to build understanding and consensus, and to disseminate key messages. These forums and councils are used for building understanding of internal communications efforts, developing long-term strategies, building compelling value propositions, or working on vision and values.

Marketing Management Outsourcing

HawkPartners’ team of professionals average more than 12 years of relevant experience, with backgrounds in marketing management, management consulting, and marketing research. In some cases, clients engage us as strategic partners to temporarily fill marketing roles within their organization.  Roles we have successfully filled for our clients include Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Marketing, and Market Research Group Manager.

Marketing Staff Training and Development

In addition to enhancing their own skills, marketing executives seek to build the skills of their staff. HawkPartners also provides training for our clients’ staff members on issues such as improving marketing effectiveness, developing more compelling value propositions, building brand consistency and alignment, and utilizing innovative marketing research techniques.