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Marketing Services

Market Research

HawkPartners provides fact-based guidance to our clients to facilitate decision-making. Consequently, many projects begin with a foundation of primary and/or secondary market research to capture current market dynamics and project future trends. HawkPartners has extensive expertise conducting both qualitative and quantitative marketing research globally.

Our research capabilities support our clients’ efforts to develop and implement marketing strategy, as well as to assess its impact.

Understand Target Customer Needs and Values

Brand Exploratory and Tracking Research

Marketing executives are now required to demonstrate the return on marketing investments. Brand exploratory and tracking research helps marketers optimize and quantify the ROI of their brand-building activities. HawkPartners works collaboratively with our clients to develop a set of success metrics rooted in business goals that can demonstrate the causal link between customer attitudes, behavior and ultimately business impact.

Customer Needs and Decision-Making Research

A critical first step in any marketing initiative is to understand customers’ rational and emotional needs and how these needs influence customer behavior. This research – either qualitative or quantitative – can also be used to define customer requirements and to assess how well your current value proposition addresses customer needs. HawkPartners specializes in conducting such research among sophisticated business-to-business audiences, including C-level decision-makers, physicians, and institutional/high net worth investors.

Concept and Communications Testing

In order to deliver breakthrough value propositions, marketers must understand target customer reactions to proposed messaging and executions. HawkPartners conducts qualitative or quantitative research to help marketers determine the most compelling advertising/creative concepts, as well as to enhance the effectiveness of current communications.

Customer Segmentation

Segmentation enables more efficient and effective use of sales and marketing resources. However, HawkPartners’ experience with Fortune 500 clients suggests that customer segmentation strategies are rarely implemented. Getting segmentation right is hard – and requires superior strategy and planning, senior management buy-in, flawless market research, and focused implementation. HawkPartners has the skill and experience to “operationalize” segmentation – leading to significant improvements in sales and marketing ROI.

Won/Lost Analysis

A key factor in improving sales effectiveness is understanding how to convert opportunities into closed sales, which requires knowing the real drivers that are causing deals to be won or lost. HawkPartners partners with our clients and their sales organizations to conduct a systematic review of won and lost opportunities to understand the root cause of purchase decisions and ultimately to improve win rates.

Anticipating Market and Competitive Dynamics

Competitive Intelligence & Benchmarking

In order to maintain marketplace leadership, marketers need to not only understand but also anticipate competitors’ strategy and tactics. HawkPartners conducts a deep analysis on your competitive landscape to identify key marketing trends and best practices. We exhaust all secondary and industry sources, including financial analysts, company reports, trade publications, on-line sources and syndicated research, and verify information through customer/influencer interviews, as needed. The resulting insights can be used as a catalyst for change within your organization.

Thought Leadership and “Futures” Research

HawkPartners also helps our clients to prioritize key areas of thought leadership to explore, and executes qualitative and/or quantitative research to gain a deeper understanding of these issues. We then use these insights to help our clients develop communications such as white papers, press releases, advertorials and sales collateral. Another critical factor for developing successful and lasting marketing initiatives is anticipating future market change. HawkPartners has expertise in innovative research techniques – including lead user analysis, choice modeling, and Delphi panels – that enable marketers to better anticipate and prepare for the future.