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Litigation Services

Pre-trial Research and Consulting

HawkPartners believes that effective litigation strategies are based on a thorough exploration of jurors’ or other decision-makers’ views of the facts and issues that underpin any dispute.  We employ research techniques combined with our experience in litigation communications and jury persuasion to help our clients develop and implement strategies to achieve their goals.

Case Presentation and Communication Strategy

Using jury simulations and other pre-trial research methodologies, HawkPartners works closely with counsel to identify persuasive themes and to develop a coherent trial strategy for the preparation of opening statements, witness testimony and closing arguments. 

Evidence Evaluation and Preparation

We assess the effectiveness and potential influence of evidence on jurors and other decision-makers. HawkPartners can help with the development of exhibits, charts and tables that may be introduced, and test their effectiveness. Carefully crafted demonstrative evidence can then be developed to support the key messages to be communicated throughout the trial or other proceeding.

Witness Evaluation and Preparation

HawkPartners assists with the preparation of witnesses, both fact and expert, to enhance courtroom communications skills. Witness evaluation can be provided by our experienced professionals and can also be informed by measuring mock jurors' reactions to personality, presentation and persuasiveness of witnesses.

Community Attitude Assessment 

We design, conduct and analyze survey research to assess community attitudes and perceptions about issues in the case and the parties involved. Carefully crafted questions can identify pivotal biases that can inform initial strategies for theme development and ultimately for jury selection. With an understanding of the background, attitudes, and perceptions that are prevalent in the venue, communications strategies can be developed that incorporate messages consistent with the perspectives identified. These survey results can also be used to support change of venue motions and other litigation strategies.

Juror Profiling Research

HawkPartners develops profiles of those jurors who are likely to respond most favorably and least favorably to the arguments and presentations expected to be made at trial. The work utilizes jury simulation techniques and, when appropriate, sophisticated statistical analyses.