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Litigation Services

In-court & Post-trial Services

Once the learnings from any pre-trial research have been integrated into the trial plan, HawkPartners helps our clients to implement the strategies that will position them to communicate most effectively in court. In a world in which the shape of a particular case changes as the trial unfolds, we work with our clients to help them to adapt to the ever-changing environment.

Ongoing Trial Strategy Consulting

HawkPartners helps litigators implement strategies derived from pre-trial research and provide insight into how jurors may perceive key witnesses and evidence as the trial progresses. Experienced HawkPartners professionals can attend all or part of trial proceedings and consult with the trial team each day.

Shadow Juror Research

If appropriate, "shadow jurors" can be recruited to attend trial and be debriefed daily about the information presented in court each day. This process provides ongoing feedback to trial counsel about the effectiveness and potential pitfalls of the trial presentation.

Jury Selection Assistance

HawkPartners works with counsel to develop the most effective voir dire strategy and to provide insight concerning juror selection decisions in the courtroom. Carefully crafted questions can be used to identify jurors who are most likely to hold pre-existing biases that will influence his or her perceptions of the case.

Post-trial Jury Debriefing 

HawkPartners conducts debriefing interviews with actual jurors after a verdict is reached to understand the basis of the jury's decision in preparation for an appeal or subsequent lawsuits. This is particularly useful to our clients facing future litigation involving similar issues or witnesses.