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Litigation Services

Additional Litigation Support Services

Increasingly our clients are looking for new ways to enhance their competitive position in the litigation they are managing. HawkPartners teams with our clients to develop customized tools to assist them in maximizing the likelihood that they will succeed.  Some of these services include:

Mock Bench Trial Research

By engaging the assistance of retired judges and/or senior litigators to serve as surrogate judges, HawkPartners helps its clients assess the strengths and weaknesses of their position in various forms of hearings and bench trials, including injunction proceedings, Markman and Daubert hearings.  As in pre-trial juror research, these research tools help us to identify the elements of persuasive communication that our clients need to help achieve their objectives.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

HawkPartners develops research programs that can help parties better understand a case early on, to provide insight into the likelihood of financial exposure at trial and the possibility of alternative resolutions or settlement strategies.  These tools can include working on behalf of one or more parties as well as facilitating a solution between parties in a dispute.

Design and Analysis of Statistical Evidence

HawkPartners consults with trial counsel for the selection of research methodologies, presentation of results, and retention of appropriate testifying experts.  Drawing upon its market and survey research skills, HawkPartners uses a wide variety of techniques to design and conduct pilot studies that will assist the trial team in developing approaches and strategies for testifying experts.

Market Surveys in Support of Litigation

HawkPartners is in the unique position of having extensive experience in both marketing and litigation-related research and consulting.  We can leverage our marketing expertise to design effective consumer and business surveys to support claims in numerous types of cases, including those involving consumer confusion, sales force effectiveness, antitrust and intellectual property disputes.  These survey results can be used to support expert witness testimony and inform trial strategy decisions.   

Corporate Communications Strategy

Using more traditional market research techniques, HawkPartners can help clients assess attitudes and perceptions about a defendant or plaintiff company through general corporate image studies. This intelligence can be used to develop internal or external communications programs for a specific piece of litigation or in mitigating exposure and liability in the future.