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Case Stories

Ensure Customer Centricity

Helping a leading health care provider transition to a customer-centric culture


A leading national health care provider recognized that its corporate culture is not sufficiently customer focused – affecting its ability to nimbly and effectively respond to customers’ problems and their evolving needs – and ultimately jeopardizing its ability to retain customers and deepen relationships.

HawkPartners’ Approach:  

HawkPartners led a cross-functional management workshop to hypothesize barriers to a more customer centric-culture, and to envision changes such a culture would bring about.  We researched several customer centricity “beacons” as examples to pursue. We also collaborated to develop, refine and prioritize specific tactics to, collectively, help the client transition its culture.


The client has adopted many tactics generated from the project, and coordinated them to evolve its customer centricity over time.  As a result, its customer satisfaction metrics have risen from low to moderate levels.  Recognizing that this effort is a “journey”, the client continues to be aggressive in taking additional steps to further migrate its corporate culture to one of true customer focus.