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Case Stories

Customer Segmentation

Segmenting the Prepaid Wireless Market for a Leading Wireless Telcom Provider


Our client, a top 5 wireless telecommunications provider, sought to assess the size and growth potential of the prepaid wireless market.  Specifically, the client sought to understand what motivates these consumers – and their perceived benefits and needs - in order to improve the relevance and appeal of products and services targeted at these segments.

HawkPartners’ Approach:  

HawkPartners first conducted qualitative research (focus groups) to understand customers’ wants, needs, and to explore how any emotional connections customers have with their wireless provider.  We then conducted quantitative research (in both English and Spanish), using a comprehensive survey that included customer attitudes, needs, and product usage.   We used multivariate analytic techniques to segment the target universe based on a variety of dimensions covered in the survey, as well as customer-level data from the client’s CRM system.


The resulting segmentation provided the client with actionable insights on how they should go-to-market in the prepaid wireless space.  The segmentation was used to help the client size the market opportunity,  develop differentiated messaging platforms customized by segment, and inform new product development, specifically which features to prioritize for an upcoming launch.