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Case Stories

Cross-Media Marketing

Helping a media company enhance its brand relevance and impact across web and mobile media


A leading media company sought ways to define and leverage a key brand across platforms, including mobile.  A key approach to leveraging this brand was to gain better leverage of its intellectual capital across web and mobile platforms.  Given this situation, the company wanted to find ways of integrating its proprietary thought leadership, including forward listening, ongoing trend monitoring and any additional forms of intellectual capital to enhance brand relevance and impact.  

HawkPartners’ Approach:  

HawkPartners conducted a three step research approach to inform the company’s efforts to integrate their intellectual capital across media channels.  First, we conducted interviews with ultra-leading edge SMEs (subject matter experts) in mobility, web 3.0 and social media to understand trends and best practices in brands leveraging these channels.  Second, we conducted a media scan involving a comprehensive secondary research effort to identify additional trends and context that would be relevant to brand building. Finally, we observed and conducted forward listening interviews with active users of social media within relevant social settings (e.g., sports bar, locker room).


Based on the results of this research, HawkPartners worked with the company to explore different ways of leveraging social media to better support their brand.  Subsequently, the company changed the way they incorporate social media into their daily voice-of-customer approach and synthesis.  In addition, the company also planned to take advantage of web 3.0 capabilities through new Strategic Planning and Product Development partnership.