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Nora McDonald

Nora McDonald works with clients across industries to develop actionable marketing strategies. Her experience includes helping clients develop and manage marketing strategies and evolve their capabilities to support more customer-centric, value-focused approaches to marketing. Much of her work has involved conducting and synthesizing both primary and secondary research to identify opportunities with a wide range of stakeholders (e.g., customers, healthcare professionals, and payers).

Prior to joining HawkPartners, Nora worked at Accenture, where she gained experience helping clients to evolve CRM and develop new analytic capabilities to support go-to-market strategies. She also worked at Naxion, a boutique market research firm located in Philadelphia, where she played a key role in qualitative and quantitative assignments to guide life cycle management for pipeline drugs and platform technologies.

All of Nora’s interests are infuriatingly Zen: perfecting the turmeric smoothie, doing yoga anywhere, and reading flexitarian cooking blogs.

Nora has a B.A. from Cornell University. Her PhD studies spanning Human-Computer Interaction (e.g., usability, human factors) and Computer-Supported Cooperative Work have involved ‘smart home’ research as well as semantic qualitative analysis of Twitter.