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About Us

Our Clients

Our clients are innovators and market leaders in their industries. They include:

and Biotech

  • Three of the top ten global pharmaceutical firms
  • More than ten leading biotech firms

stock tickerFinancial Services

  • A top three global investment bank
  • One of the top ten US diversified financial companies
  • Many leading regional and international banks

globeTechnology and Communications

  • One of the top three global telecom companies
  • One of the top five US mobile telecom providers
  • One of the top three US web services firms

business people walking in hallwayProfessional Services

  • One of the top three global search firms
  • One of the top four US accounting firms
  • Three leading US-based law firms

shopping cartRetail

  • One of the top three global mass merchant retailers

bar codeConsumer Packaged Goods

  • Two of the top ten US consumer packaged goods companies

lifesavers floating in oceanInsurance

  • Two of the top ten US insurance providers

beachHospitality & Resorts

  • A top three global hotel and resort company
  • A marquee US-based casino and resort company

video cameraMedia, Entertainment and Culture

  • Two of the top ten US diversified media companies
  • One of the recent World Champion Major League Baseball teams
  • Two top cultural attractions/ museums in New York City